Way Finding

Navigation inside building can often be complex, confusing, and time consuming. In larger structures, such as hospitals, visitors may often find it difficult to get to their desired location and staff subsequently spends a large amount of their time giving directions and assisting visitors at multiple steps along the way. Even after verbal directions, visitors may still find themselves lost.

Our way finding software, Yah Way Finder, utilizes Yah RTLS, Yah AI and Yah Path technologies to help people track their locations. Factoring in project type and scale, building structure, and geographic location, Yah RTLS provides customized and optimized solutions with lower cost and most comprehensive maintenance and support.

With our unique technologies, our way finding solution will maximize the use of existing infrastructure to minimize or eliminate the need to install RFID hardware, and to individually tag visitors. This solution will significantly reduce the investment, simplify the implementation process and minimize maintenance and support. Its main functions are:

  • Provide or track people location instantaneously
    The locations of people identified for tracking will be marked on the map. Locations will update constantly until users switch away from map view.
  • Guide people to chosen destinations
    System generates an optimized path (not necessarily the shortest path) from the person’s current location, or selected starting location, to the chosen destination
  • Interactive maps with zoom in/out mapping functions and detailed information and pictures of selected location
  • Customized icons on maps
    Icons on maps are marked with the customized numbers and labels
  • Search locations with voice, keywords, categories, individual locations or icons on maps
  • Use turn-by-turn and stop-by-stop instructions
  • Smart parking selection and utilizing Google map or Apple map driving directions
  • Have mobile-friendly application for iOS devices, Android devices, and web browsers
  • Interface with health care systems
  • Integrate with exisiting RTLS systems
  • Provide APIs

The benefits of Yah Way Finder:
  • Provide user-friendly, consistent, and accurate navigation for patients to any desired location within buildings and parking areas
  • Assist visitors in navigating facilities through an accessible and easy to use map interface
  • Lower visitors confusion and stress throughout the entire visit
  • Enable and empower visitors to access information and independently navigate facilities
  • Be accessible on multiple platforms, including kiosks, desktop, laptop computers, tablets, and smartphones
  • Integrate seamlessly with existing facility computing infrastructure
  • Lower system implementation and maintenance costs after installation as it maximizes existing infrastructure